Identification galore!

There are 4 pieces of university identification that a Faculty of Arts & Science student requires:

  1. a U of T student number
  2. a UTORid
  3. a TCard
  4. a UTmail+ email account

U of T Student Number (you already have this!)
When you applied to U of T, you were given a UofT applicant number. This 10-digit number is your permanent U of T student number.

UTORid (you have this, too!)
Your UTORid includes some or all of your last name, maybe part of the letters of your first name, and maybe a few random numbers at the end. Your UTORid (and your password) is your key to a number of services at U of T. You’ve already used it to enter the JoinUofT Portal (for applicants to U of T). You also use UTORid to access:

  • the U of T Portal (course webpages and other UofT web tools)
  • UTmail+ (required by all A&S students)
  • UTORweb (personal webpages)


Every student must have a TCard and a UTmail+ email account. You need the TCard to set up your UTmail+ email (see below). The TCard is a photo ID smart card. It’s . . .

  • your library card
  • your access to activity centres like Hart House, Athletic Centre, Goldring Centre
  • your access to use student services like Health and Wellness Centre, Career Centre, Housing Centre
  • money for stuff like printing and photocopying on campus and for loading flex dollars for food almost anywhere on campus
  • used for discounts e.g. on the TTC and Go Transit
  • what you show to write exams

You get your TCard in person at the Koffler Centre during their hours of operation. Whether you are a domestic or international student, you need to bring your print or email offer of admission as well a government-issued piece of identification with your photo on it. You also have to present proof of citizenship in order to get your TCard. At the TCard office, they’ll take your picture, create your TCard and give you a card with a secret activation key. You don’t want to lose this. You need it to set up your email (see below).

UTmail+ account

This is the University’s official way of contacting you. It’s the only email that the FAS will use to contact students. You activate your UTmail+ online using your UTORid and the Secret Activation Key (see above) you got with your TCard. Activate it here.

UTmail+ gives you an impressive email account with 50 gigs of memory for inbox and file storage. Final note If you’re not in Toronto until September, don’t worry. You can easily get your TCard and your UTmail+ email when you arrive. But if you’re in the area, you can get your TCard (and then sign up for UTmail+) starting June 6, 2016.