Transfer credits for IB | AP | GCE | CAPE

A number of students have asked how many 100-level courses they can take if they received transfer credit on admission for work done in high school.

Students can take a maximum of 6.0 100-level courses for degree credit.

If you have received transfer credit for International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, General Certificate of Education, or Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination work done in high school, those transfer credits count as degree credits so include them in your 6.0 total 100-series courses.

In many cases, you have the option to forfeit these credits. The deadline to forfeit is 31 October 2016. Read your Transfer Credit Assessment letter careful. And do you remember receiving this link for Transfer Credit Information?

Sometimes students will forfeit the transfer credit (TC), particularly if the TC is in an area they intend to pursue as a Program of Study.

For example . . .

. . . If you want to pursue an Economics Subject POSt and you received the 1.0 TC for AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, then that TC will not count as satisfying an Economics Subject POSt requirement. (The same is true for the IB Economics TC.) So you will still need to take ECO100Y1 in order to apply to an Economics program. But you can keep the TC if you’d like, because there is no limit on the number of first-year economics courses students can take for degree credit.

On the other hand, in the History Department, students may enrol in only one 100-series History course. Which means that if you have a 100-level TC in History, you cannot take a first-year course unless you forfeit your TC.

If you want to take a first-year History course for degree credit and have a TC in History from high school, you may want to forfeit the TC, since the History Department says here (part-way down the page, under “100-Series Courses”) that students can only take 1.0 HIS courses for degree credit. If you keep the TC, then the 1st-year HIS course you take will have to be designated Extra, and will not count as a degree credit.

In other news, though, students can take 200-series History courses in first-year.

Political Science has a similar rule when it comes to 100-series courses. Their prerequisite for many of their 200-series courses is 1.0 POL credits, which includes TC.

Following all that?

Between your TC notice, the pdfs on this page, and the instructions in each of the Department Listings in the Calendar, this is explained. Still, if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to your Registrar’s Office or the relevant academic department and ask for clarification.