Fees invoice and payment info

You may have already seen some tuition fee charges on ACORN, under the "financial account" tab. Here's some explanation of what the fees mean and how to pay them.

Payment/deferral deadline
This year, the fee payment/deferral deadline is August 30. You must have paid or deferred by August 30 in order to secure your courses and complete your registration.

How much do I have to pay?
You have three options for payment:
1. Pay the full balance of your Fall and Winter fees by August 30, OR
2. Pay the Fall fees by August 30 and the Winter fees by November 30 (to avoid service charges) OR
3. Officially defer payment of your fees by August 30 (see below)

How do I make a fee payment?
You can find instructions on how to pay your fees on the Student Accounts website. Please allow at least 5 business days for payments to be received and recorded on ACORN by the University. Payments from outside Canada may take longer. Keep your payment receipt/confirmation for your records.

Can I defer my fees if I'm receiving OSAP or government loans?
If you’ve qualified for student loans in Canada, you can defer your fees on ACORN by August 30 and pay them when you receive your loans. Pay your Fall fees by September 30 and Winter fees by January 30 to avoid service charges.

I received an admission scholarship from U of T. What should I do?
Admission scholarship amounts are usually applied to students’ accounts in September.

If you were awarded a U of T admission scholarship and the amount is more than the Fall portion of your fees, you can defer your fees at your College Registrar’s office (by the August 30 deadline).
If the amount is less than the Fall portion of your fees, you may deduct the scholarship amount from the Fall fees and pay the difference by August 30 to complete your registration.

For detailed information on the minimum required payment and service charge schedule for 2017-18 please check the Office of Student Accounts website.

Residence fee charges
If you will be living in a University residence this year, residence fee charges will be added to your student account in the coming weeks. Please refer to the communications from your residence office for information and payment deadlines.

How are my tuition fees calculated?
In the FAS, students are assessed either a Program fee or Course fees depending on their course load in the fall/winter session.

In 2017-18, students (except those enrolled in a Commerce program) taking 4.0 – 6.0 FCEs will be assessed the Program fee; students taking 0.5 – 3.5 FCEs will be assessed Course fees: you can find details here.

Please note that all students are initially charged Program fees.
If you’re planning to take 0.5 – 3.5 FCEs for the fall/winter session, you can request to have your fees adjusted to Course fees. However, if you’re going into your first year, it’s best to consult your College Registrar’s office about your plans to take a reduced course load.

To request a change in your fees assessment from program to per-course fees:
1. Enrol in your courses on ACORN (starting July 27). To request a change, your course load (including waitlisted courses) must be 3.5 FCEs or less,
2. Wait 24 hours,
3. Go to the Arts & Science online services for students page to make your request.