A glossary of frequently used Arts & Science acronyms

Here's an alphabetical list of some of the most frequently used acronyms in the Faculty of Arts & Science. Also known as A&S. Or FAS. Hence FAStanswers!

A&S: Faculty of Arts and Science

ACORN: ACORN is U of T's student information service; students use ACORN to add courses, enrol in programs, check their marks, view their fees invoice, order transcripts and much more.

AGPA: Annual Grade Point Average

AE: Course enrolment indicator; student must receive departmental approval to enrol in course

APP: Approved; department has approved student enrolment in AE course (see "AE directly above)

AS: Accessibility Services

ASC: Academic Success Centre

ASSU: Arts and Science Student Union

BR: Breadth Requirement (five categories)

CCR: Creative and Cultural Representations (breadth category #1)

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average

CIE: Centre for International Experience

CR: Credit (when a course is taken as Credit/No Credit)

DR: Distribution Requirement (3 categories; not applicable to students entering in September 2010 or later)

E: Course enrolment indicator; student must enrol in course at department

EXT: Extra course; notation on academic record

F: First/Fall course section code; September-December or May-June

FAS: Faculty of Arts & Science

FCE: Full Course/Credit Equivalent

GPA: Grade Point Average

GWR Grade Withheld Pending Review; notation on academic record

H: Half course, worth 0.5 credit

HUM: Humanities distribution category (pre-2010)

INVIT: Invited; eligible to enrol in courses

INT: Interim status; department has not yet determined student status in AE course

IPR: Course In Progress; notation on academic record

LEC: Lecture section of course

LOP: Letter of Permission; used to predetermine eligibility of transfer credits

LTE: Living Things and Their Environment (breadth category #4)

LWD: Late Withdrawal from course; notation on academic record

NCR: No Credit (when a course is taken as Credit/No Credit)

NGA: No Grade Available; notation on academic record

OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program; governmental loan program

P: Course enrolment indicator; priority is given to specific students

PE: Course enrolment indicator; students in specific group will receive priority and after priority is removed, other students must enrol at the department

PIN: Personal Identification Number

POSt: Program of Study

PRA: Practical/lab section of course

PMU: The Physical and Mathematical Universes (breadth category #5)

R: Course enrolment indicator; course is restricted to a specific group of students

REF: Refused; department has refused student enrolment in AE course or has removed student for prerequisite, exclusion, or co-requisite problems

REG: Registered as a student (both enrolled in courses and paid fees)

ROSI: Repository of Student Information (students use this web service to, among other things, add and drop courses, view their academic history, and view their invoices for tuition and other fees); it has been replaced by the friendlier, ACORN.

RP: Course enrolment indicator; course is restricted to specific group of students and after priority is removed for P courses, some spots may be made available to other students

S: Second/Spring course section code; January-April or July-August

SCI: Science distribution category (pre-2010)

SDF: Standing Deferred in course; notation on academic record

SGPA: Sessional Grade Point Average

SII: Society and Its Institutions (breadth category #3)

SOC SCI: Social Science distribution category (pre-2010)

SWS: Student Web Service (same as ROSI)

TUT: Tutorial section of course

TBB: Thought, Belief, and Behaviour (breadth category #2)

UTL: University of Toronto Libraries

UTM: University of Toronto Mississauga

UTSC: University of Toronto Scarborough

UTSU: University of Toronto Students’ Union

UTTC: University of Toronto Transcript Centre

WDR: Withdrawal from course; notation on academic record

Y: Full course worth 1.0 credit (e.g. ECO100Y1); year course section code (September- April or June-August)