How to Get GREAT Advice: Connecting with your College Registrar

Consider your College Registrar’s Office your first point of contact when you have questions or concerns about your academic experience. A Registrar’s Office provides sound and accurate advice in an atmosphere of comfort and confidentiality.

Your College Registrar’s Office can provide advice on academic, personal, and financial matters. If you have questions about courses and programs or about an academic transaction or record, speak to an academic advisor in your Registrar’s Office. Advisors can also help interpret faculty policies and procedures and can offer counsel on any and all academic and student-related issues.

If you’re not sure where to go with a concern, your college Registrar’s Office is probably your best bet. Registrarial people make every attempt to address your questions. If they do not know the answer, they promise to find it for you, or to put you in contact with the person or place at U of T that can address your concern directly.

    Innis College - Office of the Registrar
    Innis College Registrar Office website

    New College - Office of the Registrar
    New College Registrar Office website

    St. Michael's College - Office of the Registrar and Student Services
    St. Michael's College Registrar Office website

    Trinity College - Office of the Registrar
    Trinity College Registrar Office website

    University College - Office of the Registrar
    University College Registrar Office Website 

    Victoria College - Office of the Registrar
  Victoria College Registrar Office Website

    Woodsworth College - Office of the Registrar
    Woodsworth College Registrar Office Website