Welcome! What's Next?

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts & Science!

Now that you've accepted our offer of admission, you're likely wondering what to do next.

Always . . . . . .

  • Watch for emails from the Faculty and your College Registrar’s Office, which will have excellent academic help, whether you're in the Toronto area or at a distance.

To get a head start . . . . . .

  •  Get an idea of what courses you’d like to take in first year. How? Familiarize yourself with the Arts & Science Calendar online.  The Calendar is not just a resource with dates and deadlines -- It’s the official record of all the courses and programs offered in the Faculty along with descriptions, prerequisite courses, and enrolment requirements. It also includes your degree requirements and the rules and regulations of the Faculty.


  •  Look at the A-Z Program listing.  You will choose programs of study after your first year, but there are first-year courses required for most of the over 350 programs of study in Arts & Science. Whether you know exactly what you want to study or you are not sure yet which programs interest you the most, the A-Z Program listing is a helpful site to browse before choosing your courses for first year.


  • Review the small class experiences. like the First-Year Seminars, the First-Year Foundation programs, and the First-Year Learning Communities. Not all courses you take in first year are related to your potential programs. You'll take some courses simply out of general interest. There are many small classes of 25 students or less that are uniquely designed for first year students in any area of study.


  • Make a schedule. Or two. Or three. Once you have an idea of what courses you want to take in 1st year, you’ll want to know when your classes take place, who’s teaching your courses, and where they are taking place. The 2017-2018 Timetable Tool contain the times for all courses being offered. Over the summer, the listing is updated with names of instructors and locations of courses. The Registration Instructions  help you navigate the finer details of course selection.