Choosing Great Breadth Courses

Every course entry in the Calendar lists the breadth category for a course.

But here’s a brand new site dedicated to helping students choose great breadth courses.

It includes filtered searches for potential breadth courses and it also includes examples of how other students in your area of study completed their breadth requirements.

Then to find out more about the courses, you can use the course code to check out the Arts & Science Calendar and find out how to fit it in your schedule by visiting our timetable tool

You can also use Course Finder to filter courses by their breadth category. Just

  • Select “St. George Campus”
  • Under the “Requirements” radial button choose “FAS Breadth Requirement”
  • Under “Departments” choose “Faculty of Arts and Science”
  • Under “Requirements” choose “Faculty of Arts and Science”
  • Select a Breadth category
  • Filter for any or all of:
    • Department
    • Term
    • Days of Week
    • Time
    • Credit
    • Course Level