Your Questions About Subject POSts

Program = Program of Study (Specialist, Major, Minor)
Specialist = prescribed combination of 9.0 – 16.0 credits
Major = prescribed combination of 6.0 – 8.0 credits
Minor = prescribed combination of 4.0 credits

What is a Program?
A Program is an academic Programs of Study in FAS. You must enrol in at least one and no more than three academic Programs of Study, of which only two can be majors or specialists.

The minimum combination of Subject POSts required for your degree is any of:
· 1 Specialist
· 2 Majors
· 1 Major and 2 Minors

Other combinations beyond the minimum that you can do include:
· 2 Specialists (along with a Minor)
· 1 Specialist and 1 Major (and a Minor)

It’s not a competition for the most programs. 1 Specialist, or 2 Majors, or 1 Major and 2 Minors is more than satisfactory.

When do I sign up for a Program?
You will either enrol in programs or request (that is, apply to) programs at the end of the session in which you will complete your fourth degree credit in A&S (including transfer credits). 

Typically, for first-year students, this means that you will be applying for acadmic programs in April of 2018.

If you will not have completed 4.0 credits by the end of April but you are intending on taking summer courses to bring you to four courses, then you will still want to apply for Subject POSts in April.

Why is this so important?
You need to be enrolled in a suitable combination of Academic Programs before the course selection period for the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Session. If you aren’t, then ACORN won’t permit you to enrol in any courses.

Program enrolment is important for another reason. For a number of courses, the departments and programs give priority enrolment to students who are enrolled in that specific program. 

How do you apply?
Programs are identified by Type. Type refers to admission requirements and process.

Type 1 programs do not have any requirements for entry other than successful completion of 4.0 degree credits. You can add these programs on ACORN and no other application is required.

There is one Type 1S program. It is the Specialist in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology. Imagine that the “S” is a dollar sign, because students in this program pay higher fees.

Type 2 programs require specific courses with specific minimum grades. And some Type 2 programs have a limit on the number of students they can accept. These are Type 2L programs. These programs and departments will actually advertise what they project to be the minimum grade you will need in specific courses, but they could end up using a higher minimum grade if the number of students eligible for the program exceeds the number of spaces available in the program. Departments with limited enrolments will make this information clear to students in the Calendar.

And finally, Type 3 programs. These require specific courses with specific grades, they will have a limited number of spaces in them, and they require additional information beyond minimum grades in courses.

There are two rounds of application to Programs. One starts in April with results in July. The second in July with results in September. A Type 3-yes program accepts applications in the second round of program enrolment. A Type 3-no program does not.