The Breadth Requirement

The Breadth Requirement is a degree requirement that ensures that, by the time you graduate from the FAS, you have a breadth of knowledge about the richness of the arts, the complexity of global cultures, and the varied structures, processes and concepts of the social and natural world.

Some students will elect to complete some of their Breadth Requirements in first year, but it is not necessary. The Breadth Requirement must be satisfied by the time you graduate.

Every course description in the Calendar includes breadth category:
CCR Creative and Cultural Representations
TBB Thought, Belief & Behaviour
SII Society & Its Institutions
LTE Living Things & Their Environment
PMU Physical & Mathematical Universes

Some full courses count for a half-credit in two categories.

A few courses have no breadth category (e.g. MAT133Y1).

You need at least 1.0 credits from 4 of the 5 categories OR 1.0 credits from each of 3 categories and 0.5 from the remaining 2.

Courses you take for program requirements can also satisfy Breadth requirements.

These also count as Breadth requirements:
First-Year Seminars (199s)
First-Year Foundations (Ones)
VIC 100 Seminars

The First-Year Learning Communities (FLC’s) are non-credit courses that do not count as Breadth requirements.

Conveniently, the first three letters of all First-Year Seminars correspond to their breadth category. The XBC First-Year Seminar courses fulfil two breadth categories.

If you decide to take a course as Extra or a Credit/No Credit, it still counts as a Breadth Requirement (provided you pass the course). 

Stay tuned for our next post on "How To Choose Great Breadth Courses"